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Magnesium additive in feed for pigs
Magnesium additive in feed for pigs

Magnesium in the diet of pigs, usually contains a sufficient amount. However, some species and sex and age groups (young, pregnant, high) may lack magnesium.�

Most often this occurs in extreme conditions: the transition period of detention, diets changing, stress, cold, rainy summer, weaning, etc.

Magnesium digestibility of pigs from separate feed and compounds is
  • corn — 55.7% ,
  • oats � 82.7%,
  • barley � 54.5%,
  • soy flour � 60.3%
  • carbonate � 64.9%,
  • and phosphate � 54%.
Application of magnesium in the diet of pigs
  • Additive in piglets diets of age 2 to 4 months of magnesium in an amount of 4–5 g provides an increasing in average daily live weight gain of 6�7%, while reducing feed costs by 7% compared to animals treated with 3�3.5 g of magnesium.
  • Feeding to pigs of increased doses of magnesium (57 g) contributes to lower daily gain, respectively 3�4 and 7�8% compared with control (with no magnesium), and 10�11 and 14�15% compared with animals treated with 5.4 g of magnesium.
  • Inclusion in the composition of the diet of piglets of age 2 to 4 months magnesium in an amount of 4�5 g has a positive effect on the physiological state of the organism. There is an increasing of blood morphological indicators (leucocytes, erythrocytes, hemoglobin, total protein, glucose).
  • Feeding piglets from of age 2 to 4 months of 4�5 g of magnesium as part of diets allows you to get more revenue.

Large specialized farms and recommended for use in the diets of young pigs of age 2 to 4 months magnesium fertilizer AgroMag® at a dose of 4 g or 1.44 g of pure magnesium per head.

The need for macro-and micronutrients per head per day (pigs)

Gram/kilogram of finished feed (80% DM)

�� ����� Na Mg Zn Cu Se Mn I Fe
Sows before the formation of the mammary glands 6 4 2 2 1 60�80 15�20 0,2�0,4 20�30 0,5�1,0 80�100
Sows with three weeks before farrowing 4,5 2,2
Lactating sows depending on the live weight and the size of the nest 6,5�7,5 5,0�5,5 3,0�3,3
Piglets at weaning * 9 5-30kg live weight, the average gain of 350 g/day 7,0�8,6 6,5�5,5 3,7�2,7 1,5 100 6 0,3
Fattening pigs (30-70kg bw) 6,6�6,0 5,8�4,2** 2,7�2,3 50�60 50�60
Fattening pigs (70-120kg bw) 8,5 5�4** 2,3�1,9 0,45

*If you use materials from rape, the necessary content is 1.2�1.5 mg

**Using phytase


Solutions for this field

The most demanded products of RMCC in this field are:

AgroMag� 0-300

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