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Emergency Equipment Cabinet

Short Description:

1. It can be used to store all kinds of absorbent cotton, chemical suits, gloves, medicine boxes, air respirators and other safety emergency supplies.

2. Transparent window design to facilitate the observation of storage in the cabinet;

3. T-type shelf structure, can store large items such as protective clothing, at a glance;

4. Departmental plywood can be adjusted with load-bearing up to 60KG per layer. It can be adjusted appropriately according to your actual use needs, which greatly enhances the use efficiency.

5. Provide inspection report, qualification certificate and operation instructions of the manufacturer.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Detail Description:

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Model Overall Dimensions Door Type Internal Structure
mm mm mm
GU045EM 1090 460 1650 Double door, manual,with visible glass window The cabinet is separated left and right, with clothes hanger on the left,and threeadjustable laminatesand air breathing bracketson the right.  (adjustable according to actual requirements)
GU450EM 450 260 750 Single door, manual,with visible glass windows Built-in adjustable laminate.(adjustable according to actual requirements)
GU500EM 500 350 800
GU750EM 750 260 800
GU900EM 900 450 1200 Double door, manual, with visible glass window
GU901EM 900 500 1920 The cabinet is separated left and right, with clothes hanger on the left,and threeadjustable laminatesandair breathing bracketson the right. (adjustable according to actual requirements)
GU1000EM 1000 500 1800 T-shaped structure in cabinet, left and right partition at lower part, clotheshangingrod on leftside, threeadjustable laminateson right side.
GU1200EM 1200 500 1920 The cabinet is separated left and right, with clothes hanger on the left, and threeadjustable laminates and air breathing brackets on the right. (adjustable according to 
GU1200EMW 1200 500 2020 The cabinet is divided left and right, with clothes hanging pole on the left, three adjustablelaminates on theright and air breathing bracket.

The cabinet is sealed inside, with rain cap on the top and foot on the bottom, which can fix the cement floor.


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